Ayurveda is not only the ancient Indian science of preventative health and healing but also a philosophy of living.

Rarely treating the symptoms, Ayurveda cures by removing the cause of disease. It is the oldest surviving complete medical system in the world. Derived from its ancient Sanskrit roots - 'ayus' (life) and 'ved' (knowledge) - Ayurveda literally means "Knowledge of Life". It offers a unique blend of science and philosophy that brings harmony of body, mind and spirit.

Health is the solid union and harmony of body, mind, and spirit. With knowledge of Ayurveda you can balance these three factors and integrate yourself further with nature, family, and all living beings.

Ayurveda gives you the tools to lead a more healthy and balanced life. Through an Ayurvedic consultation, discover what your body type is and any imbalances you may be experiencing.

Imbalances can manifest as anything from digestive upset, stress, anxiety, anger, irregular bowel movements, dryness, insomnia or weight gain. You will receive a simple effective plan that will guide you toward balance and optimal health.